Community Services Innovation

Outcomes that Matter…And are reportable

New Things Now helps community organisations do their job better by creating novel, customised solutions that address all four of the major challenges most sector projects face:

Getting hard-to-engage target audiences involved and participating

Delivering meaningful services that are measurable

Collecting data that demonstrates outcomes are achieved

Doing it all on an ever-shrinking budget

Our no-risk proposition –

Tell us what outcomes you want for any project on your desk and the budget you have available.

We’ll develop a project outline of how we can meet (and probably exceed) your outcomes within the budget you specify.

Even if you decide you don’t want us to implement it, the project outline is yours to keep for free.

That’s how confident we are that you’ll want us to turn the brief into measurable, reportable outcomes for you.


New Things Now develops and delivers interactive experiences and promotions along with consultation and training services that make technology work for the Community Services Sector.

Interactive Events and Promotions

New Things Now is outcome directed. You tell us about the outcomes that you’re after, and we custom design interactive events and promotions to create those outcomes.

We aim to provide both overt and covert outcomes.

The overt outcomes relate to the brief we’re given. The covert ones are either those we read between the lines of the brief, or ones we add because we always want the final package to be much more than is expected. We love to do that in new and surprising ways.

FaceNew Things Now provides both consultation and training services.

This includes helping community organisations utilise well known systems such as social media, while advising and training staff to minimise risks, such as exposing organisation networks to hackers.

But consultation and training services go much further.

New Things Now takes advantage of emerging technologies such as:

  • integrated web, mobile and digital signage systems that centralise data collection
  • utilising Virtual and Augmented Reality to provide engaging visceral experiences
  • using multimedia such as animation, projection and in-game content to create engaging and interactive program content
  • gaze tracking for data collection, such as evaluating the actual effectiveness of noticeboards and for undertaking surveys
  • using novel technology to enhance engagement and interaction
  • and use of open source technology, which provides access to sophisticated systems without software licensing costs

Our Story

ProbsWhat We Do

New Things Now caters to a new emerging market in the human services sector – The provision of cost effective contracted outcomes.

With the requirement to demonstrate tangible reportable outcomes, community organisations are actively seeking methods to reach target audiences in a way that not only meets identified need, but is measurable.

New Things Now provides community sector organisations with support in using cutting edge technology in two specific areas – interactive events and promotions, and consultation concerning the use of emerging technologies.

We can help you expand your service provision in cost effective ways that you are probably unaware of!

We are outcome driven and dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of technology.


Our values are to:

  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Create and Innovate
  • Do More With Less
  • Craft experiences that make a real difference and are measurable
  • Show Don’t Tell what is possible


Our Mission is to provide the community services sector with cost effective professional consultation, training, support, programs and promotions that utilise cutting edge technologies.


Our Vision is to extend the organisational and program capacity of community service organisations in cost effective ways that are based on objective outcomes and which are supported by measurable data.


Most people think of computing technology as if it were a typewriter or other type of tool.

In our world nothing could be further from the truth, as a computer is a ‘stateless machine’ … it is nothing until you run code on it.

Once you do, a computer system can transform into a communication device, a guidance system, a multimedia platform, a virtual world or just about anything else you can imagine.

And that is the heart of our passion .. seeing and developing genuine creative innovation that can transform community service provision.

How do I know if New Things Now can really help me?

One of the real challenges with technology is the diversity of approaches and how fast change happens.

Rather than try and explain what may work for you, New Things Now adopts a ‘show don’t tell’ approach to demonstrating actual solutions in your real world settings.

So, if you have an upcoming event, activity or promotion, or really need a unique way to engage and convey a critical message, then let
us know and we will show you what is possible.

What does it cost?

New Things Now has a rates from $60 per hour to supply, manage and support interactive event and promotion activities.

Contact us to discuss your project or training needs and we will develop an obligation free quote.


Original Solutions

Some Highlights

Visceral Experiences

Emerging technologies open up new frontiers for educational, therapeutic and promotions, which can include things such as visceral experiences related to gender identification, assertive training, distracted driving and phobias.

Touchless Digital Signage With Integrated Data Collection

Bring key messages to life…and have the usage data tracked automatically.

Interactive Entertainment & Promotions

Interactive and engaging experiences connecting your key messages with your target audience.

3D Animation

Creative custom 3D animation for engaging program story telling and promotions.

Augmented Reality

Bring live animated experiences and key messages into your audience’s world.

Virtual Reality Rides & Promotional Experiences

Transports your audience into an interactive fully 360 degree world where anything is possible.

Hands On Creative Experiences & 3D Projection Mapping

Transform exterior and interior venues into interactive places and spaces to engage your audience.

Combining Performance, Interactions & Promotions

Engage you audience’s attention…make them a part of your promotions in new and unique ways.

Partnerships & Outcomes


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Need Support?

If you need help in tackling seemingly intractable challenges we can assist by creating, prototyping or quoting on unique solutions.

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